Saturday, August 25, 2007

its just a sippn sunny saturday @ controversy!

Hi beautiful people!

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, surprised me with a bottle of chardonnay from trader joe. Trader joes is a new organic market that sells an assortment of foods,wines etc.. believe it or not, it was the perfect gift at the perfect time because recently i have added wine tasting to my hobby list. So, enjoying a great tasting wine has been a good mixture of the smell, taste,the swish & etc..

Anyway, today i popped it open, i couldn't wait, i was eager to taste it!Some of my customers had the luxory of being at the right placeat the right time as well. I know what your thinking how could we all enjoy this one bottle of wine but its all in the portion control and proper wine!

i wanted to share this experience with you guys because if ever in the midtown area of atlanta, ga- YOU MUST STOCK UP!It is truly something to rave about and if by chance my good friend reads this blog... i want her to know this gift is one of those good perks to having a mature friend on speed dial... thanks again Ms.Smith.

oh and here is an extended invitation for the people that missed this saturday join us each and every saturday for girl talk and enjoy a sip, shop, chat your more than welcome to BYO as well from 2 to 8pm - share with us what your favorite thing is!
Controversy Boutique 230 auburn avenue, atlanta, ga 30303

contact me :

TRADER JOE'S BRAND from the bronco wine company
Charles Shaw Blend 2006 california -chardonnay

Atlanta (Midtown)
931 Monroe Dr., NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
Trading Hours: 9 am - 10 pm

Friday, August 24, 2007

this is what i like on a friday

I love the glam flapper vibe of this party dress. It makes me even more excited for Erin's upcoming line for Target!"

elle girl magazine

me too, christina! but WOW in target... there is absolutely no reason why style on the streets should not be hotter than ever this year!
dawn ~ controversy boutique

Thursday, August 16, 2007

relax, enjoy and just be beautiful...thats what i feel from this look!

Aug 12, 2007
Christie Brinkley

she makes me feel good about life and she is aging so gracefully... does anyone know how old she is? i feel like she has been in the industry for so long so she must be older! but anyway two thumbs up! i love it.

.. love the look miss richie!

Aug 15, 2007
Nicole Richie in Mason by Michelle Mason
Richie accessorized with Louboutin wedges, Chanel shades and a Givenchy bag.

i refuse to make this another celeb blog but i must say she looks good!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

this is one of the hottest bags ...

this bag has literally caused so much controversy.... its so hot you might lose friends, lovers, enemies...all of that. Every time I wear it, people stop me in the streets! ...definitely celeb approved~ of course you know we offer it exclusively for my "celeb picked" Shop-a-holics! order yours today